13 December 2016

Cotton + Steel Sawtooth Star Quilt

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Field Trip: Indianapolis Museum of Art

Lanscape at Saint Remy; Vincent Van Gogh
Pangloss; George Stubbs
Portrait of a man in front of a rose hedge; Hans Baldung // Portrait of a young man; Paolo Uccello 

Field Trip: PAM

Kehinde Wiley Exhibit

A Quilt for Dos' Boyfriend

On my very first day at Hallsville High School I knew a handful of other kids, but they were either my cousins and too cool for me or they were my one friend that had a different schedule. Ashley Tew, "Dos", was my very first friend I made that first week of school and she's still a great friend to this day! She was a godsend, because she was also very into art from an early age, so we always have something to talk about.
She knows how to sew, but is a very busy public school art teacher in Tennessee. So, when her boyfriend's beloved baby quilt finally bit the dust, she called me in to help. We originally planned to refurbish the blocks of a quilt that his grandmother made, but Dos got back from a trip and he had thrown away all but one block. Plan B was to incorporate the one last block into the quilt backing and start over for the top. And here is what we came up with!

Shannon's Unity Quilt

One of my friends from high school, Shannon, contacted me about making a "unity quilt" for her newly acquired in-law family. This quilt was inspired by the quilt Leslie Knope made on Parks and Rec. for her new family when she and Ben get married. I am an avid Parks and Rec fan, so this reference in a quilt was super fun. The quilt is for Shannon's mother-in-law who had a mighty big year.
This year her mother-in-law:
-got married
-her two sons got married
-she traveled to London, Edinburgh, and Santa Fe
-welcomed a grandbaby
-has two other sons

12 December 2016

Bentwood chairs get a new lease on life

 Once upon a time in a city weirder than yours, I saw three bentwood chairs in a storage place dumpster by my apartment in Austin. Naturally, I stopped my car, dug the chairs out of the dumpster and they have been mine ever since. Two of them were painted white with orange paint underneath. The third one was in rough shape, but was its plain wood. Having never done a wood refinishing project this difficult before, I chose to paint them all dark brown at the time. And my dad cut a seat for the one without a seat.