06 July 2016

Recent Sewings

This little quilt is a sample I made for myself. I discovered that you can buy charm packs of Kona cotton, and most of them are packs of different shades of a color.
 My landlady had this quilt kit for about 10-15 years and couldn't figure out the cutting instructions, so she handed it over to me! The instructions were really hard. She wanted it to be enlarged to a twin size, so we had to find some similar fabrics.

30 June 2016

Texas State Capitol Building / July 2011 / B&W Kodak Film

Another grouping of photos from art school.
I love the Texas State Capitol building. Definitely my favorite building to photograph in Austin. It was also my go-to building to bring people to for sight seeing. No matter how many times I go there, I can always find something interesting to me to shoot.

29 June 2016

Lydia's Nursery

My sister is the best at everything. This is the nursery/bedroom she designed for Lydia! Everyone was pretty excited to welcome another little girl into the family, but Em and I were excited to be able to use some of those adorable girl fabrics that are available right now. Em wanted a bright and fresh room, so she went with white accents and a bold color palette. She found a floral fabric that she loved, so we pulled all of the colors out of that fabric with a Kona Cotton color card.

Emily made:
curtain rods
big quilt
little quilt
bed sheet
bed skirt
painting over the crib

27 June 2016

San Antonio Horse Stable / April 2011 / B&W Kodak Film

When I got my expired film back from developing, I decided to scan all of it myself. But then I got distracted and had to scan ALL of my film. Apparently I shot a lot of film in photo school. There were several groupings of photos that I'd forgotten about, but still really loved. These photos are from an afternoon Emily and I spent at a Thoroughbred horse stable in San Antonio with one of her church friends. I remember it being very bright outside and hot (of course). The foal at the bottom was still pretty new, but already so big!