07 April 2009

Just Regular Type

Ah, the fresh smell of a new blog.

Today was just one of those quaint Tuesdays. I never know what to do with Tuesdays. It is not a dreadful Monday, but it isn't halfway through the week either, so I have nothing to look forward to. However, Tuesdays have never done anything wrong to me, so why should I not like them?

Anyway, quaint moment number one took place in my environmental science class. I love that class. It starts at the butt crack of dawn (7:45 am), but the subject matter is really interesting. Science teacher was going about his normal 'the sky is falling' air pollution rant and I was really into it as usual. Then some fellow students started asking questions about what they could do to help. Everyone was really into it, bouncing ideas back and forth, and arguing about things. I just sat back to listen to all of the different ideas. It's nice to see that there are other people out and about that listen to problems, instead of ignoring them.

Quaint moment number two was when I woke up from my morning nap. Don't laugh. I have a three hour gap in between my first and second classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I use it to my napping advantage. Okay, so I woke up from my nap and I was in a warm, sunny spot in my room. It was excellent! My dog always lays out in the living room in the sunny spots, so I decided to try it myself. It is quite nice.

Quaint moment number three also involved some excellent sunshine. One of my dear co-workers was preparing some popcorn, but successfully burned it. Only one area of the popcorn was burned and she could not bring herself to eat any out of the bag. Since the store was quickly filling with that weird burned popcorn smell, we opened the back door. The back door leads to a surprisingly nice back alley. I discovered this while sorting out the burned pieces of popcorn and feeding them to the birds, and the pieces that were fine to eat. I expected the back alley to be dark, moldy, with dumpsters overflowing with rotten food. This alley is well-lit, the garbage is very well contained and there is even a tree back there.


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