08 April 2009

Shut up.

For the past few weeks I haven't been able to watch "The Office" as I normally would. Last night I caught up by watching the last three episodes and shut up. Micheal Scott can't just not be the boss. What other over-the-top-outrageous character can the writers come up with to top Micheal? The writers cannot top the "I declare BANKRUPTCY" episode. That one had me cracking up at random moments for weeks. It still does, as a matter of fact.

And Pam! What is she going to do?! In the most recent episode she leaves with Micheal Scott, to join him at the paper company he is starting. Is she really going to join him? I could tell that something was going on with her in that episode. It was when she was talking about the copying machine being a big accomplishment. After she realized that that was her biggest accomplishment in a while she had a rather disappointed look on her face. I hope she finds something that she really likes to do. But it should probably be a paying job of some sort, since she and Jim have a mortgage.

The writers of "The Office" are brilliant. Rarely do I get attached to characters on television shows, but it's something when I worry about their mortgages. 

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