19 April 2009

Top 10 Slightly Annoying Retail Shopper Types

Not an annoying one.

10. Small children.

9. The lady who pops her gum repeatedly, over and over. And over.

8. Old ladies who tell workers how crappy their products are.

7. The lady who brings her items up to the counter, says she is ready to check out, but then wanders off for 15 more minutes, after I've already dropped what I was doing.

6. Humming loudly off-beat lady.

5. Lady who sings incorrect words to song loudly.

4. Teenager who picks out fifty billion things, decides she doesn't want them and leaves them in some inconspicuous spot.

3. Employee: Hi! Are you in our frequent buyer program?
    Customer: Thank you.

2. Lady who lets the whole world know how her husband's colonoscopy went while on her cell phone.

1. Customer: What time do you close?
    Employee: 9 o' clock
   (Customer then leaves at 9:20)

(Despite what this list says, I really do like most of my customers.)

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