16 April 2009


Today, my sister's dear friend Rachel took me to tour the University of Texas at Austin. I was thinking about applying to study photojournalism there, and now I definitely must do that. When I first began looking around to see what schools were out there, I didn't even consider UT. Why?

Well, in Texas UT is a religion of sorts, much like LSU in Louisiana. I'm always wary of those schools, because the football games make the school look CRAZY. A majority of the fans are also CRAZY. Anything that is anything can be made in burnt orange. And it has been, more than likely.

This craziness for UT confuses me in Texas, because most of the fans didn't even go to UT. How are they supporting something they haven't even experienced? I really don't think these fans have ever looked into what UT is all about. 

It's a fairly liberal school, smack dab in the only liberal/ democratic part of Texas. Most of Texas is Republican. These two things don't add up. Now, Texas Tech on the other hand, is a more conservative school. Why isn't that school the state religion? I would like to know this, but Texans get very defensive about this, so I'll just go with it and not ask questions.


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