18 June 2009

Arm, Leg, Cell Phone, Finger

Being that I am in college, I am on a college campus for a large amount of time. There always seems to be people talking/texting on cell phones. All the time. They're either talking on their breaks in between classes, texting in class, or even texting in the bathroom. But they are constantly on them.
Who are these people talking to?

Are they really talking to anyone? Do they just have a list of people they call? "Oh number three isn't answering, so I'll just call good ol' number four" Who are these kids that they are so important that they have to leave class to answer a phone call? Really people? 
I hate my cell phone. People may get mad when I don't answer, but I really don't care. I will not let a cell phone dictate my life. I am not a everyone's disposal, nor do I expect them to answer me immediately. Nevertheless, cell phones do come in handy and I'm very thankful for them. 
But still- Damn you cell phone inventor.

Ps: I stepped in vomit in the school bathroom yesterday. It was a new experience for me.

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