24 June 2009

We were just trying to go home!

Last Friday was quite a day. My sister and I were going to Hallsville for a cousin's wedding. I was also transporting a dog for the German Short-haired Pointer Rescue of North Texas.

So, on Friday morning, I went to a shopping center to pick a rescued dog from his foster mom. After the pup was successfully picked up, I was on my way back to my apartment. There we were, the dog and I, at this intersection, when all of a sudden this blue car comes flying by and turns into the J.J. Pickle Research Campus. Then about four police cars, with their lights flashing, come flying after him. Next thing I know, the police have surrounded the speeding blue car and one copper hopped out of his car and drew his gun. After I took a picture of this scene, I noticed the light was green and went on about my way.

But wait!! That's not all.

My sister and I had all of our stuff, two dogs and too many cameras packed into the car and we were on our way. As we were headed out of Austin, the lane of traffic leading out onto the interstate was backed up, so the tail end of the car was sticking out into an intersection. All of a sudden, we hear this "thump" on the car, then a red Mazda truck goes flying by and this guy with dreads running after the truck. Dreads guy lad been in a wreck on the other side of the intersection and was tending to his affairs, when the red Mazda truck side-swiped him, thus making Dreads guy fall into our car.

Well, being the crime stopping sisters we are, Em and I look at each other and I say, "Follow that truck!" All of the other cars around us seemed to know what we were doing, because they all moved out of our way. As we were chasing red Mazda truck, two other cars kind of surrounded him trying to block him. We drove up beside him and I took pictures of his license plate and him. Somehow he got away after that.

Well then, I look over and there's this fire truck sitting on the side of the road with fire fighters in it. Naturally, we pull over and I get out of the car, camera in hand. At first when I knock on the giant fire truck's door the fireman is all "WTF?", but he got out. I explained everything to him and his partner called APD for me, with the license plate number I took a picture of. APD pulled red Mazda truck over about five minutes after that. Emily drove around to dreads guy and some cops were already there. She had to give her statement and information justincase they needed pictures. Meanwhile, I chatted it up with fire fighter Estrada and his partner. They recieved a medical call and had to leave, but luckily Em came back to pick me up.

When we arrived in East Texas, traffic was really backed up. The accident that everyone was slowing down to look at was a completely gutted vehicle. I'm not sure how that one happened, but they had to use that reddish powder to extingiush the flames.

What a day. Once we finally arrived in Hallsville, we went to our cousin's rehearsal dinner. I did some dancing, but Em doesn't so much dance.

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