08 July 2009

The Ides of July

Last week was a crazy weird week.

To begin the week, a rodent died in a wall of my closet. Oh yes. A few months ago, I started hearing little scuffle noises on my closet ceiling. Being slightly amused, but a little worried, I called the front office and they sent out a pest control guy. While I didn't think it was a pest, I was still worried about the little guy. Pest control man said it was a roof rat, but the apartments did not want to remove it. So roof rat lived in my closet ceiling for a while. When I returned from my Parents' house a few weekends ago roof rat was stuck in the wall. IN THE WALL. Not sure how he got in there, but I could hear him feverishly scratching at the wall trying to get out. I called the front office and once again they sent out pest control guy, but didn't want to remove roof (now wall) rat. So roof rat died in the wall of my closet. :[ I reported that to the front office, but once again didn't want to do anything. This outraged Em, so she went to the front office and chewed them out. The manager got right on the situation and had the roof rat removed. Roof rat turned out to be a roof squirrel, though. Even though manager did do something about dead roof squirrel in my closet, she acted too late. Apartment now smells like dead roof squirrel. So do all of my clothes, fabric, bags, and my bedroom in general. Thank you, corporate America.

After that, my brand-spanking new scooter quit scooting. I went to go get my mail, and when I returned home scooter wouldn't let me have my keys. I had my initial panic moment, then went and read my owner's manual. An hour later, the keys were not coming out for me, so I called up Perry. Luckily, he got them out, but the key shaft was all jacked up, so the scoot had to go to the scooter doctor. Turns out that someone had tried to steal my scooter! The ignition was completely blown, which happens when one jams a screwdriver into the key shaft. Dang scooter thieves. Oh but it gets even better! Today, with the help of a great neighbor, I unloaded the scoot, and went to let my neighbor drive it around a little. The scoot wouldn't start up. We checked everything. The last thing we checked was the battery. Its fuse was blown, so I put another in. It blew that fuse, too. Sigh. Here we go again.

I also found out that I won't know if I got into UT or not until January. So that's a bummer. Apparently, if you are a transfer student, you must have 30 credit hours for them to even consider you. Oh, how many do I have? 27. Oh well. In addition to all of this, I had to quit my job. At least it's one less thing to worry about. That job was driving me crazy. Well, not the job, just the manager.

Last week would have been so much worse if I didn't have such good friends in Austin. Thank goodness for them. Em helped me out with the roof squirrel problem. Then, Lianne and Husband helped out with the scoot. Mexican downstairs neighbor lady helped too, but I don't know her name. She also is letting me keep it in her garage, so that no hoodlums try to steal it again! And Perry helped me get the scoot's key out. JoAnna wasn't here, but she was there, on the phone to help me talk it out. You guys probably don't read these, but: thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. Peanut butter brownies for everyone!

This week will be better. I can smell it.

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