10 September 2009

Craig's List, Oh Craig's List

For me, Craig's List was love a first sight. My obsession began around this time last year. Since then, I have started visiting it daily. Even if I don't need anything, it's fun to see what people are selling. The free stuff is always weird. One time there was a free RV in that section. I also enjoy reading the personal ads. The titles in the MFW (Men for women) section are really funny. Most are inappropriate. In the Missed Connections section people can post ads looking for someone they've seen around town. Some of them are romantic, but some of them are really creepy.

So yesterday, I posted an ad for my red helmet that went with my scooter, which was also a Craig's List find. In 24 hours I got two responses. The first was from some guy who wrote:

I clicked on the link in your ad and it shows that you can buy a brand new one for $29. Why would I buy a used one for $30?

Thanks, Jackass. The helmet on Amazon is really $29, but after tax and shipping it magically goes up to $45. Hmm. The second response to my ad was much better. And she wanted to buy it today! Yay! Usually when I meet up with someone to make a trade off, I try to guess what they look like. When I spoke to this lady on the phone she sounded Hispanic, so I had a Hispanic lady pictured in my mind. Most of the time I'm dead on with my mental pictures, but I was wrong today! She was an albino lady from North Africa.

I just never know what will happen from day to day.

List of Craig's List items so far:
Camera- Nikon D80
Camera- Polaroid 600
Volunteer opportunities with the North Texas German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue
Sewing jobs
Job at Compass Trading

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