30 September 2009

Ranger Danger

That's right, Ranger Danger is now 10 years and 150,000 miles old! Most of his miles have been put down in the states of Louisiana and Texas. He has been to a few northern states- my Dad travels for work and Ranger used to be his. Ah, some good times have been had in that truck.

Ranger Danger is my first vehicle and the first vehicle I ever drove. Well, except for Em's mustang, Priscilla. Em used to let me steer down the street we lived on in Louisiana, but I wasn't in the driver's seat so that technically is not driving. That suddenly seems a tad dangerous. Hm.

Anyway, Ranger Danger has always lived in suburbia or the country. He is currently living it up with me in the big city. He also used to have a bunch of window stickers on his back window, such as: a flock of ducks, a Ducks Unlimited emblem, a radiation something or the other sticker, and a quality sticker from Ford. The flock of ducks and the radiation sticker came down a long time ago, but I just got the other two off. In celebration of living in Austin, I put a jackalope decal on his back window.

That poor truck has lived outside his entire life. This past summer I gave a friend a love seat and transported it in Ranger Danger. The love seat was longer than expected, so we took out the toolbox. First of all, I did not know that the toolbox was bolted to the bed of the truck. Then, when we tried to move it the wheels kind of worked. But when we did get it moved there was pretty much a rat's nest behind/under the toolbox. Apparently, I haven't cleaned that out ever, because it still had pine needles in the mess. I moved away from the East Texas Piney Woods over a year ago. Bleh.

Ranger Danger is an excellent vehicle for me, because for some reason I always find myself hauling various things around. In my days of living in the country, I would collect cans, some metal laying around in the pasture and random barbed wire, load up Ranger Danger and trade my metal for money at the local metal yard. Even living in the city I haul things around. I volunteer for the German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of North Texas, and am frequently seen hauling a couple pups in kennels. Some of them get to sit in the front. And when I had a scooter, I would haul that sucker, too! One time I drove one of my neighbors around in the back, but that's another story.

I hope Ranger Danger will continue to drive me around town until he reaches the age of 200,000 miles, if not longer.

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