18 October 2009

All Hallows’ Eve

Now that Halloween is quickly approaching, I guess I should figure out a costume for myself. This is one of the most troubling times of the year for me. There are just so many costume choices out there! And so many different takes on each of those costumes that are out there. Halloween is also a hard time, because I like to take my costumes to the next level.

This girl does not do the normal Dorthy, witch or clown costume. The clown costume will never ever be done, mainly because I'm thoroughly freaked out by clowns. The "sexy" costumes that are popular now also aren't very appealing to me. For one thing, a nurse would never actually wear a dress that short. Those costumes are so unrealistic and put unreasonable images in the minds of boys across the world.

So, since I like to go a different route, here are a few of the ideas that are rolling around in my head:
#1- A Dinosaur. Easier said than done. Probably not going to happen. There is no way that I can hide my proportional body parts in order to be a T-Rex. I could make up a dinosaur and use parts from several different dinosaurs for a costume...

#2- Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty. This one would be super fun. Her outfits are always fantastically bad. All of those colors and weird prints co-
mingling together in one outfit, every show- more please!

#3- Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter. I could really nerd it up for this one! The character is great and the Hogwarts school uniforms are not too shabby. Additionally, I'm almost positive the hair inspiration for this character was my hair. I would also have a costume in case I ever want to go to a midnight opening of a HP movie.

Of course, not even I will know until the last minute what I'm going to be, but I think these are all good options. Today's entry will be ended on a weird note. Here is a picture that is floating around Google image search for "Dinosaur".

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