04 October 2009

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Can I just live at ACL Fest? I could do without the extreme weather, but the overall experience was fantastic. Friday was hot, but nice. It was overcast and rained all day Saturday. Sunday was really hot, humid and muddy. I went with one of my concert going music fan friends- pretty sure he enjoyed himself. I hope so. Several of my favorite bands were there, and I discovered a few new ones that I like.

On Friday, Day 1, we started off with Dr. Dog, who was sooo good. Then we saw Phoenix. Ohmygoodness. How did I not know about them?! They are totally up my alley. Maybe they are my alley... Phoenix reminded me just a little bit of Franz Ferdinand. After Phoenix we went over to see Thievery Corporation. They were okay. I liked all of the different performers who were with them. One of the lady performers had this superhero get-up on, which I was rather entertained with. People who do what they want warm my heart. During two songs there was even a belly dancer shaking her groove thing. After TC we were going to see Andrew Bird, but a huge group of people left the stage where TC played and Kings of Leon were about to play. And then there was Kings of Leon. That was quite the show. The music was great. It sounded just like the album. The concert feel really added to the overall music experience, so it wasn't exactly like listening to the album.

Saturday began with Alberta Cross, which was another band I'd never heard before. They were really good! We were just waiting by this stage, because Mute Math was the next band to perform there. Stumbling on new music is great. Mute Math was fantastic. They have so much energy it's almost crazy. The drummer even duck tapes his headphones on. I also enjoyed that they are from New Orleans. After Mute Math, we caught the last part of The Airborne Toxic Event set. Aaaahhhh. I love that band. And it only took one song from them for me to like them. I'd never seen a picture of them before, but they looked almost exactly how I pictured them. The lead singer looks like Hugh Laurie from the side. Then, we went on over to Flogging Molly. I'm not a huge fan of their music, but you can't help but get into it at a concert. The final concert of the day was The Decemberists. Before this concert, I did not listen to their new album, but it was still really good. Their concert almost needs to be a sit-down type deal because their music is so relaxing and chill.

Sunday oh Sunday. It was so humid and hot, but the music was still great. We got there before The B- 52s were to go on, just in time to hear Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears. They were very enjoyable. The lead singer, Black Joe Lewis?, was great. He is surprisingly soulful to be under 30 years old and from Round Rock. Round Rock just doesn't seem to turn out many musical artist who have that "umph". The B-52s were also surprisingly good. Love Shack isn't my favorite song in the world and I thought the entire concert would be like that. But it wasn't! It was really good! I forgot about all of the other songs I knew from them. The crowd for that set was super diverse. The people watching was great. The final ACL concert for me was The Arctic Monkeys. ILOVETHEMLIVE. Their albums are great, but they are even better live. Their music did not sound exactly like the album, it just sounded live and full of energy. I fan girled it up at that concert.

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