16 October 2009

English Teacher

Also a little kooky.
My American Literature teacher is crazy.

From the time she enters the classroom to about five minutes after class was supposed to be over, she chat chat chats. Most of the time she isn't even talking about American Literature, or any kind of literature. Today in class, I got bored and wrote down what she was talking about every five minutes. Here are some tidbits of what she talked about:

10:00- Nothing (she was late today)
10:05- Sorry for being late, there was a line at the copier.
10:10- Hawthorne was a very important writer, let's read his biography for fun.
10:15- I dreamed about rainbows over the Grand Canyon last night.
10:20- Now for the author everyone has been waiting for... Poe!
10:25- Here, do this reading quiz on Rappaccini's Daughter.
10:30- Now, who wants to read this poem aloud? (No hands we raised, because she didn't tell us which poem we were to read.)
10:35- I have all of your papers graded and recorded, but I'm not going to hand them back out.
10:40- Here are all of your worksheets for next week. (Hands us one out of five that are assigned.)
10:45- Have y'all seen the documentary about Yosemite?
10:50- So your research paper is due in two weeks, but I'll give you the information next week.
10:55- (I don't know what she said, because I left when the clock said 10:50.)

Even though she's a bit scatter brained, she really seems to love literature. When she's actually talking about the stories we read in class, she really knows what it's all about. That is all cool and good, I just wish she would give us our homework worksheets before they're assigned...

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