27 October 2009

Mas Campage

Oh, camping. I'm sorry I forgot about you. This past weekend, I went camping with some friends at Colorado Bend State Park. It was really fun and I had a great time.

I went with the early group on Friday, and we arrived at the campsite around 4. Then, everyone set up their little tents and little sleeping bags, etc. Well, except for the older girls. Rachel, who surprisingly came camping, borrowed this gigantic tent from her cousin. It was dubbed "the mansion" and could have housed a family of twenty. I slept in my cottage-sized tent, and was quite pleased with its performance.

After everything was set up, I wandered about while other people went hiking and biking. Whilst wandering around, I took some pictures on an old film camera I borrowed from a friend.
While I was out it ran out of film, so I rolled it back up. When I opened the back to load another roll, I discovered that the film had broken off and was still exposed. Just all out there. All up in the sunlight. Maaaann. Oh well.

After some general wandering, I skipped some rocks with Jean and Aaron. I think my rock skipping technique is improving. Then, we played some frisbee, until they went to prepare dinner. While they fixed dinner I ate some giant grapes. Then, Bos and Joshua came back. They climbed some trees, but I am not of the tree climbing variety, apparently, so I did not climb any. I did attempt to, though. When all of the campsite trees were climbed, we played some friz until it was too dark to see the friz. When it was completely dark the stars came out. I think everybody star-wise was out that night. They were so beautiful. I got to see the Milky Way for the first time in about two years. I really shouldn't go so long without seeing things like that. Seeing gigantic things like the Milky Way always reminds me of how small I am. For dinner Aaron, the chef of the group, made fajita materials. They were sooo good. After dinner, everyone sat around the campfire eating s'mores and drinking hot chocolate. It was nice to sit and listen to everyone.

I slept with my tent unzipped so that I could see the stars. It was so great to be able to do that. That night was really cold, but I didn't even care. When I woke up, I'd slept with my hat on, so my hair that was under my hat was all mashed down and parted weird, but the hair that was outside of my hat was crazy frizzy because of the morning dew. Haha. That was some great hair.
For breakfast we had migas, which I had never had before. They were really good. We packed up camp after breakfast and loaded up all of the vehicles.

Once all of our junk was safely stowed away, the real adventure began. There was a group that wanted to take th
e short hike to Gorman Falls and a group that wanted to take the long hike. I wanted to go on the long route, which I discovered was all guys. That was okay- they didn't leave me behind. We took the river trail, I think it was called that. At some point in the trail you pick whether to go above the falls or to go below them. We picked the primitive trail that goes below the falls. What fun that was! There was a cave on the way down there, so naturally we explored that a little. There were several water crossings on the hike and even some mild rock climbing. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

After we crossed the waterfall area, Joshua and I stopped to take some pictures. I thought Aaron and Scotty were going to wait for us at the top of the waterfall trail, but no. Once we got up there the other half of our group had left us, so Joshua and I decided to do some further exploring. There was one trail that went along a creek that we went on that was really pretty. At the end of it, or as far as we went on it, there was a pool with the clearest water I've seen in a long time. There was even this old pump sticking out of it, but it wasn't running. There was just a bunch of cool stuff out there.

When we get back to the parking lot everyone was supposed to meet up at, no one was there! Shortly after we show up in the parking lot, Jean and her friend come driving by. They yell at us to get in the van and ask us where we've been. Apparently, we were lost and Aaron and Scotty had been looking for us for about an hour. Whoops. Once everybody calmed down, we headed back to Austin. Good weekend.

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