29 October 2009

Oh me oh my, have another piece of silly pie...

Miss Lauren
Today was one of those days that was just funny.

My first class of the day was Issues in Environmental Science, and Dr. Staff was cracking the whole class up today. It seemed like he had one corny joke after another. I can't even remember what he was talking about, just that I was giggling. In my Fundamentals of Photography class we just watched movies during the entire three hour class period. That was not very funny. What was funny, was how my professor kept falling asleep. Then, whenever a movie was over, he would pretend like he never fell asleep and say things like, "That one was better than I thought it would be." It probably was better since he was asleep... During our class break I went to the campus bookstore for a sugar fix. What happened next completely caught me off guard.

The cashier had a robot head on.

It was a box spray painted silver, with little knobs and such glued on. So funny. I didn't say a word about it as I paid for my peanut m&ms, and she just acted like she wore this box on her head everyday.

After class, I went with my sister to her work. She is a nanny for these two great kids. The little girl had horseback riding lessons, so I went with them to the lessons. Kids are so funny. Especially when they're really into something. All of the little girls would get real serious when talking about their horses, then go right back to giggling about Joe Jonas. While my sister's nanny child rides, she watches the instructor's daughter. I went and played with them, after I watched the girls ride for awhile. The instructor's daughter is hilarious. She's about to be four, and is as smart as a whip. We played rocket ship for a long time. My favorite quote from the afternoon was, "Oh no! There's a battery in my butter." I love how you can be completely ridiculous with little kids.

The game rocket ship consists of one person sitting on one couch, while steering with this horse hoof- snuff box- thing, which is on the side table next to the couch. The side table also has a lamp on it, which acts as a fuel tank, butter container, and battery pack. I think. Anyway, you drive the rocket ship around and have fun in general. Today, we went to outer space (duh, it's a rocket ship), HEB, Gran Jan's house, and some lake the little girl wanted to go to. It was so much fun. We made all sorts of weird noises, but my fake barfing noise really cracked her up.

After we got all of the children, I mean horses, back in their cages, it was time to head home. When Em and I got home, we had friends come over for some sewing fun. I just love sewing and then teaching people how to sew.

AND THEN, I've had this song stuck in my head for a really long time. It's off of one of those weird children's music tapes that my mom would let me go to sleep by. And I found the cd of the tape on Amazon. After about 15 years, I have been reunited with the "Sillie Pie" song. If you would like to hear this nonsense:

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