07 October 2009

Some More ACL

 I love living in Austin. Something interesting always happens when I leave my apartment. So naturally, when going to one of the largest music festivals in the US things are going to happen.

On Friday, the last concert my friend and I went to was Kings of Leon. (Friend shall be called friend, because I don't know if he wants his name all up in my blog.) That concert ended right at 10pm, so we caught a late bus back to where we parked. Both of us were sitting in the front part of the bus, where two rows of seats are facing each other. At one stop a large group of people got on. All of a sudden, people start moving and this guy falls down onto the floor of the bus and this other guy starts grabbing/punching at him. Then, my friend gets up, pulls the two guys apart, and breaks up the fight. After that there were some words between the guys and the bus driver and the fighters were thrown off of the bus. I was just going to throw my backpack at them... But seriously?! After I came out of my shocked state, I turned to my friend and said, "Well that was very brave of you". He said something nonchalant like, "Oh, I do what I can". Mmhmm.

On Saturday I had my first Leslie encounter. That Leslie. If anyone actually reads this blog and doesn't know who Leslie is, here is what Wikipedia has to say about him:

 "Leslie Cochran (born as Albert Leslie Cochran[1][2] on June 24, 1951) is an American vagrant cross-dresser and argua
bly the most locally famous street person, according to local media sources, in Austin, Texas. He is an outspoken critic of police treatment of the homeless in the downtown Austin area. Many consider him to be the epitome of the 'Keep Austin Weird' campaign, as demonstrated by his two time run for mayor as well as numerous articles in The Austin Chronicle and local news stations. Leslie lived in the Pacific Northwest and at one time worked as a truck driver frequently traveling up and down the West coast. Leslie has told the Austin American-Statesman that he was briefly married in 1985 and 1986. He says he grew up south of Miami, briefly attended University of Florida on a football scholarship, spent nine months in the Naval Reserve in 1974 and 1975, worked for Safeway grocery stores in Seattle, skinned road-kill in Colorado and tanned the hides, worked as a disc jockey near Steamboat Springs, Colo., lived in a converted bookmobile in Shreveport, La., Tampa, Fla., and Atlanta, and then took a year to ride a three-wheeled bicycle to Austin in January 1996.[1]Leslie hangs out around 6th Street, usually around 6th and Congress during business hours. He can also often be found at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse during late afternoons and early evenings. He is most frequently seen wearing women's clothing; his most popular attire is a leopard thong and high-heeled shoes. Leslie prefers to be known as a man."

So that is Leslie. On Saturday I also randomly saw a few friends from East Texas! My friend and I sat down for all of five minutes and Deneece walks by and turns right back around to come talk to me. Then, within two minutes I see Lauren walk by and do the exact same thing. Haha. So random. I also saw this kid that was in one of my classes at school. I don't know his name, but I saw him twice and he recognized me both times.

And then there was Sunday. After watching The B-52s, we were waiting for the Arctic Monkeys. We got really close for that concert and it was fantastic. Anyway, the crowd was, well, crowded. From the corner of my eye is see this kid staggering like he’s about to faint. So I turned around to help him, but his friends were helping him sit down. He was just sitting there and his friends weren’t helping him and no one else was either, so I stepped in. I asked what he’d eaten and had to drink. The kid hadn’t had any water all day! Crazy! So one of his friends gave him his water. The kid also had a raincoat on in ~90 degree weather, so I told him to take that off and stay seated for a while. He did what I said and felt a lot better. Yay! He also told me that I saved his life, but really I didn’t. Really. A man also offered me $50 for my rain boots. I'm really hoping that he wanted them for his date, and not himself.

On Sunday we took the bus alllll the way down, and that is about an hour bus ride. In the morning we saw a guy get on the bus with a giant stand-up bass. The bass was bigger than the guy. On our way home, there were a lot of crazies on the bus. This one guy was strung out on something and kept talking about how hard he worked for his money. Then he proceeded to take out a bag of weed and roll a joint. He spilled weed all over himself, then just brushed it off of himself. What a waste.

 Then, this older man with one crutch got on the bus and made my friend get up from where he was sitting. I don’t know why he picked him to get up, but my friend got up. After he got on, a drunk guy got on and started talking to everyone around him. First he started talking to this kid my age. He told him not to party college away, because that’s what ruined his life. That kid got off, and drunk guy started talking to this poor girl who was also probably my age. I’m not sure what he told her, but she definitely was not enjoying it. The older man with the crutch who was sitting next to me just laughed at him the whole time. This made me laugh and soon the whole front of the bus was laughing at the drunk guy, who didn’t even know we were laughing.

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