04 November 2009

Aw Man.

For the past year, I have been attending Austin Community College for my core classes. In Texas students can take their 42 hours of core classes, then transfer to a larger university. That is exactly what I wanted to do. All of the core classes don't have to be finished at one school, but "they" don't tell students that you have to have 30 hours to even transfer to most schools.

I have 27 credit hours done and 13 hours on the way. By the end of this semester I will have more than enough to transfer, so I went ahead and applied to two different schools. So yesterday I was a little panicky because the end of the semester is quickly approaching and most schools are registering for spring classes now. I went on the Texas State University website to find out when I might start looking for an acceptance/rejection letter. I did not find a date, but I did find the official transfer page, that in a long paragraph says, "Coursework taken in the fall will NOT be considered in the admission decision for the spring. Fall grades will not have been received by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions prior to the Nov. 15 spring deadline."


The University of Texas says the same thing. I knew about the 30 hours thing, but not it has to be done by the application date thing, but I understand why it's there. I really wanted to be out of ACC by the spring semester. It's really boring not working on my own degree at my final school. Everything I plan for lately seems to get messed up or changed. I already go with the flow almost all of the time, should I just go with it more?! Why couldn't I have just been a normal student, doing my learning thing, going to a big school and such? That just not how I do things and I need to learn to deal with it. *sigh*

Ok, I think I'm done feeling sorry for myself. Yep! Here are my classes at ACC for the spring semester:

Introduction to the Visual Arts
Cultural Geography
Environmental Geology
Intro to Archaeology

The archaeology class should be really fun. I love that stuff.

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