10 November 2009

A Case of the Randoms

The little things in life always make me smile. Lately, I have noticed a few consistent things while out and about that make me chuckle.

#1- This sign at school.
It says, "Sports facilities are reserved for for Austin Community College Classes". What sports facilities might this be talking about? Well, one of my photography professors was telling my class that several years ago, this parking lot used to be a basketball court. They managed to pave over the basketball court, but why leave the sign? I hope no one points out that this sign is useless. I think it's funny.

#2- The Sprite bottle on top of this electrical thing.
I noticed this Sprite bottle about a month ago. It has been there an entire month! I didn't get close enough to see if there is anything in it, but still. How has it not been knocked over? I'm almost positive it is the same bottle. It's in the same exact spot everyday. Maybe I'll get closer tomorrow...

#3- Middle Eastern couples walking in the evening.
Ah, Middle Eastern people. They are so great. Every time I go jogging, or just go somewhere in the evening, I see them out walking. It's always a couple, and sometimes one of them is pushing a stroller. Is that not great? I like that they go walking every evening. It's cute. Maybe they tell each other about their days. Or maybe they just fuss at each other. Maybe they don't talk at all and just enjoy the company. Regardless of why they walk each night, I like it. Approved!

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