16 November 2009

What a weekend!

My weekends are so unpredictable. I love it. Here is a picture list of things I did:

1. Read books about boys with Jean in Borders.

2. Made a horse cake. And little horse cakes, too!

3. Played with puppets in the children's section of Borders.
4. Worked with a sleeping pup under the table.
5. Ate a cupcake at Hey Cupcake!

6. Worked with a creeper pup looking on.
7. Products of my labor.
8. Played friz. This is a face of defeat after a dog ran off with Joshua's frisbee, bit holes in it, then went on to terrorize a child with a kite. The kite did not make it...
9. Met new people! With cameras!
10. Went kayaking on a pretty lake, and on a beautiful day.
I also did quite a bit of homework and reading, but neither of those make for a good picture. And they are boring.

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