03 November 2009

Whoa nelly!

Busy weekend status: achieved.

On Thursday I didn't have any plans for the weekend, except for Sunday, but by Friday afternoon my weekend was packed! It's kind of nice to have things to do.

Luckily, on Friday I didn't have to go to school. My American Literature was gone to a conference of some sort. She seemed reeaally excited about it on Wednesday. She must really like professional development workshops. So, with no morning class what did I do? Slept. It was a good sleep too. After I finally awoke from my deep slumber, I started sewing. About halfway through constructing sock monkey heads, I realized I didn't have any stuffing for their little snouts. So I didn't get to finish everything, but that's okay.

That night I had a costume party to go, so I got all dressed up for that. I always find myself in random situations and wonder how I get to them. The party turned out to be a concert, with way fewer people there than I thought there would be. Sweet. On top of that, the band was pretty good! It was a local band called Planet Rye Co.. They're just about to start recording in a studio. It's fun to see bands just starting out. The concert set was cool and the friends there were great.

Saturday was B's birthday, as the two readers of this blog might have noticed. Em and I didn't really do anything for him. What are you really supposed to do for a dog on their birthday? I gave him a peppermint and wished him a good day, but he didn't really react to that. He did like the peppermint, though. Saturday night was fun. The first party of the evening was at Rachel's cousin Sarah's home. Sarah and her husband have two great little girls, and a great house. Their party was fun. It was geared more towards children, but the eats were good. I had a cupcake that was dressed up as a spider. Once the sun went down, Em and I went to the Hyde Park singles group's Halloween Ho-down. It was... interesting. There were some nice costumes and the dancing looked fun.

I'm not sure why I tag along with Em to these "single events". Sometimes they're fun and the people are always entertaining. For one thing none of the people are my age, but sometimes it's the age of the people that worries me. There are some great people in that group who are getting on up there, and are still single. I know everyone is given someone at the right time, but for some people it is a really long time. That makes me sad. I hope they have good friends, at least.

Anyway, after the ho-down a small group of us went to a country dance hall/ club/ thingamabober. That was also a interesting experience. There weren't very many people dancing there, but it was still fun. Some of the costumes there were great, but most of them were really slutty. My favorite was this guy dressed up like Beetlejuice. His costume was perfect. Everybody in the group got to dance, even Em! I wish they would have played more country music (shocking!), but I guessed they played enough. When the DJ started playing booty music we left. We didn't want to see all of the nasty dancing and such.

On Sunday morning I got up at the crack of dawn. It was all for Race for the Cure, and totally worth it. The Race is such a great experience. Next year I think I want to run the whole thing. It's only three miles. Mrs. Cyndi, the cancer survivor for my group, was such a cool person to meet. Also, seeing that many people gather together for one hope was really neat to see. I think I heard there were 20,000 people there. Not sure if that is correct, but it sounds about right. After the race, the whole walking group went to Kerby Lane for some brunch. Yum. My Sunday was ended with homework and some general nonsense around the apartment.

Well, this is a long post!

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