07 December 2009

Curse you, Mondays...

As a generally happy person, I usually have good days.

But when they're bad. They. are. bad.

It all began today when alarm clock decided to take a break. It has been working hard lately, but come on. Alarm clock did not go off this morning at its scheduled time, but luckily my internal emergency alarm did. I woke up just in time for my first final of the week- phew.

So, I'm awake, reciting Adobe Lightroom key strokes in my head, and I get in my truck. Turn the key and nothing. NOOOOTHHHIIINGGG. Ranger Danger also got the vacation memo. Thank God for sisters. Em was home and let me use her car.

Surprisingly, I made it to school on time. As I was walking up to school a van pulled up by a curb. Now, I know this guy saw me, because we definitely made eye contact. As I was walking behind the van, the guy starts backing up. That's right, almost got hit by a van today. I managed to get out of the way, but come on. Mr. Van Driver- I know you saw me. Why the hard feelings towards frazzled college kids?

The final went just fine, there were only a few questions I wasn't sure about. I also turned in my prints for the school print show without incident. Kyle the photography guy even liked one. We also had to turn in our Lightroom catalogs today. Once we were ready to turn them in, Yam was to come by and show us exactly where to put them. So, mine was all cleaned up, polished and ready to go. Yam gave it a look over and immediately said

"374 pictures? That's it?"
"Am I supposed to have more?!"
"I guess not, that just doesn't seem like very many."

Ok, I didn't yell out, but I was very confused. 374 pictures seems like a lot of pictures to me. I took more than enough to fulfill my assignments. There were even extra pictures in there from personal work. Maaaan.

After everything was turned in, I began my five minute journey home. I made it all the way, even picked up the mail, and then it happened. There is this one spot in the apartment complex that is just asking for an accident. It's sneaky and cars can't see each other when coming around the corner. I cautiously approached the intersection, stopped, looked both ways for cars coming. No cars were in sight, so I went ahead and went. Then BAM. This white Civic comes flying through the intersection and who was in their way? ME. They didn't hit too hard, but did manage to leave a dent and white paint on Priscilla (Em's car). The other driver and I got out of our cars. She was fine, I was fine. Then she started talking. She was all crazy eyed, and said her car was fine and I pulled out in front of her. Wait. I pulled out in front of her?!!!????!!! You just tell yourself that ma'am. Not wanting to deal with her crazy or have a confrontation, I just told her I would take care of it. She was fine with that and jumped into her car. That was my first car accident. Goodbye, spotless record. It's been cool. Now, I'll have to go out and get a ticket.

Somehow, I managed to make it into my apartment with no problems.

Maybe I should just not go anywhere for a while...

A few good things were sprinkled about in the mostly bad things:
Mom and Dad's Christmas presents arrived in the mail!
All of the photography hoopla is done!
Managed to do laundry without turning anything pink!


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