02 December 2009


In case anyone didn't know- it is now December. Where did it even come from?!

Before December the American holiday Thanksgiving usually stops by. My holiday kind of flew by me, but it did stop by to talk for a few. How nice of it. Even though it flew by, I really did have a good Thanksgiving. I will now share my Thanksgiving holiday itinerary in list form, and see how many times I can write Thanksgiving in this post:

  1. Went to my American Literature class before leaving town
  2. Crammed all of my things into Ranger Danger. It was a success, mostly due to my hours of playing Tetris in high school.
  3. Began the 5 hour drive to the East Texas Piney Woods.
  4. Stopped once. This was much to my dismay, because I like to just not stop.
  5. Arrived in Hallsville exactly 5 hours after leaving Austin- SWEET.
  6. Let myself into the house, because she wasn't there to greet me.
  7. Discovered a large pile of mail in my room, which contained an acceptance letter to Texas State (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
  8. Excitedly greeted Mom. This greeting was a little more excited than usual, having just been accepted to something.
  9. Went to dinner at Papacita's with Mamacita. It was excellent as usual.
  10. Saw ALL of New Moon. I went to see it on the opening night, but someone pulled a fire alarm towards the end of the movie.
  11. Ran into Deneece and Hope from high school.
  12. Returned home and went to sleep!
  1. Woke up surprisingly early.
  2. Checked my email via dial up internet. This reminded me of why I used to read a book while checking my email. Sooo slow.
  3. Helped Mom with the potatoes. By 'helped' I mean take pictures of and taste them.
  4. Went to Donna and Rick's for lunch.
  5. Ate way too much.
  6. Played with the cousins. We drove the Mule around the pasture for a while and much fun ensued.
  7. Went to Mr. Buck's wake. It was really nice and upbeat. He was a pretty upbeat 80- something year old, so I'm sure he appreciated that.
  8. Hung out with the cousins some more. They are part of the small group of people I will watch football with, so we watched the UT game. Man, that was some game.
  9. Returned home.
  10. A Paul McCartney concert on, so Mom and I watched it. Duh. I really enjoy that my Mom and I both know music from the Beatles.
  11. Went to sleep in my itty bitty twin bed that has 3 egg crate cushions on it. :)
  1. DID NOT wake up at 4am to battle the crowds. Bleh.
  2. DID wake up early and drive Mom to Andy and Amber's new house in Royse City.
  3. Met the new niece, Valery. She was just adorable.
  4. Ate lunch in downtown Royse City. Our waiter looked like James Franco.
  5. Drove back to Hallsville.
  6. Did some more of nothing.
  7. Went to sleep.

  1. Awoke early, again.
  2. Packed up.
  3. Began the drive back to Austin.
  4. Stopped 3 times- #1: Gas. #2: Lunch. #3: To get a dog that was wandering around on the highway. His owner said, "Oh, was Zero out on the highway again?" Ugh. Get a dang fence.
  5. Arrived back in the ATX in 5 hours. Whoop.
  6. Took a nap.
  7. Ate dinner with Em and her dude.
And that was pretty much my holiday!

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