25 December 2009

Top 2009 Lists

1. Scooting around town
2. ACL
3. That one time I went on a 9-mile hike.
4. Playing with the cousins
5. Horseback riding through Palo Duro Canyon
1. Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups
2. Noticed by Mute Math
3. Innocence by The Airborne Toxic Event
4. Sleepyhead by Passion Pit
5. Ize of the World by The Strokes
1. Fleet Foxes [self-titled]
2. In Rainbows by Radiohead
3. Gossip in the Grain by Ray LaMontagne
4. 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack
5. A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay
Recent New Finds/Guilty Pleasures in Music:
1. C'mon C'mon by The Von Bondies
2. Shawty Get Loose by Lil Mama
3. I Knew by Lightning Dust
4. The entire “A Decade of Song” album by Celine Dion
5. She Wolf by Shakira
1. Spook by Mary Roach
2. Bonk by Mary Roach
3. Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts
4. Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
5. Stiff by Mary Roach (a re-read)
1. Teal patent leather t- straps
3. Chucks
4. Polka dot rain boots- was offered $50 for them at ACL
5. Red moccasins
1. 500 Days of Summer
2. Avatar
3. The Proposal
4. Coraline
5. Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince!
New Discoveries:
1. FILM.
2. Bowling
3. Taco Cabana
4. Kayaking
5. Lala.com
Little Things That I Enjoy:
1. www.smartprettyandawkward.com
2. My big new bed
3. Sewing monkey heads
4. Finishing a five page essay
5. BIG hugs.
Movies Soon to Come:
1. The Lovely Bones- The book was really good, so I hope they don’t screw it up.
2. Dear John- Has a really good song in the trailer.
3. Alice in Wonderland- Tim Burton and Johnny Depp? YES.
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
5. Remember Me- R Pattz not playing a vampire? I want to see this.
Resolutions for 2010:
1. Pick a major.
2. Do more service work.
3. Finish the quilt.

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