17 December 2009

Tyra, Tyra, Tyra

Tyra Banks, you have quite the talk show.

I really enjoy watching it, but it is kind of random some days. Today, for example, your show included:
  • pregnant teenagers
  • an interview with the then Senator Obama
  • your video reaction to Obama winning the election
  • an interview with some kids- not sure what that interview was about
  • a discussion about how you wish television shows would show people putting condoms on
Why can't you stick to one topic? I can't keep up with you! The show has no direction most of the time. For today's show, you could have limited it to pregnant teenagers OR politics. From my experience, pregnant teenagers don't really mix well with anything else.

Oprah sometimes does a variety show, but all of the varieties are related. For example, she might have a "Holiday Cheer" show and do Christmas crafts, Christmas foods, and Christmas gift wrapping options. Note that all of those topics have Christmas next to them, and do not include any pregnancies.

Don't worry, I still love your "big fat ass" show.

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