04 January 2010

Easy there, serger

For the past two and a half days I have been sewing like crazy. Not sure where all of this creative energy came from, but it is more than welcomed to stay. So far the count is as follows:

1 tan and white striped strapless sundress
1 teal faux wrap dress
1 bomber jacket (with fur trimmed hood!!!)
1 cotton calico print halter dress
1 quilted baby blanket
1 apple appliqued onto a shirt

Hopefully, I can keep this up for the next few months. I find myself surrounded by engaged friends, who have asked my sister (and me) to do some sewing for them. Wee! This list of stuff we have to sew is amazing:

11 bride's maids dresses
3 flower girl dresses
7 vests and ties
and some wired ribbon

This should be fun. Of course I'll post pictures of the progress! Anything for you, two people who read this blog!

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