03 January 2010

Hey, it's 2010!

There's a new decade in town, and I hear it is going to stay around for a while. Ten years, to be exact.

Weee! New decade! What to do with it? New things, perhaps? I hate making new year resolutions. Mainly because I can never fulfill all of my goals, and that's only because I get bored with them. The great journal resolution of 2002, for example, only lasted a few months. I'm not the most interesting person in the world now, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't any more interesting at the age of twelve. The journal entries probably consisted of lists of my favorite Beverly Cleary book character names (Ramona, Beezus, etc.) But wait. Don't I have a blog now? Oh, yep, sure do.

Instead of making a resolutions list I should make a "Things I Don't Want to Do" list. That sounds fun, shall we give it a go? Okay!

2010 List of Things I Don't Want to Do:
  1. Move dwellings.
  2. Have awkward conversations with the maintenance men.
  3. Write 5- page essays on why this poem stinks.
  4. Get out of my bed before 9am.
  5. Floss.
  6. Hear one more Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, or Lil Wayne song. Lady Gaga, you are so ridiculous that you can stay.
  7. Tell people 'no'.
  8. Eat candy corn.
  9. Go shopping on Black Friday.
  10. Charge my phone after one phone call.
I think I have the power within me to avoid most of these things. Except for number ten. That battery has a mind of its own.

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