20 January 2010

Surrogate Families

There are some days when an emotionally volatile college student needs some family time.

I am not this college student. I just wanted to use volatile in a sentence and make this blog more interesting.

Today, while waiting for my visual arts class that was cancelled to begin, I began to day dream about what family units I would like to be a part of for a day. Sure, every family has their rough patches, but there are some families who seem to enjoy each other a lot of the time. These are the units I decided upon to be my surrogate families, if the need ever arises.

The Addams Family
They're so creepy, but they really enjoy each other's creepiness. I have my creepy moments, so maybe they could help me hone that skill. I also hear that Mrs. Addams makes a mean bat eye soup.

The Suarez Family
What television supports each other more than this family. Betty always has them on her side for whatever crisis she is going through. Papi is apparently a fantastic cook. Hilda can do some hair, which is an area of mine that could really use some attention. Justin is just kind of there right now, but he seems like a budding fashion designer. That's so great. If you, the two readers of this blog, have noticed, I really enjoy Ugly Betty.

Jean and Aaron
So, they aren't a family unit yet, but they are very close to it, so I'm counting them. If you don't know them already, you should. Both of them know a lot about quite a few things. They are an excellent resource to know. The two of them are also very well travelled and I want them to adopt me.

A Family o' Elephants
Come on, guys. Who wouldn't want to be a part of a tight-knit family like these guys. The whole family helps raise the wee baby elephants (calves). If a predator tries to attack said wee baby elephant, the whole family will surround the wee baby and kick some predator butt. I want to be the wee baby elephant somedays, but I could also serve as a hardcore mom elephant on my feisty days.

But at the end of the day, sometimes you just need your own family. They're the ones who know and may possibly love you.

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