24 February 2010

Charley Harper

Today, in my Intro to the Visual Arts class, we talked about our final project. I'm so super stoked for this project. It's right up my alley. The assignment is to create an art exhibition. We get to pick the topic and what kind of art goes into it. I love bird paintings, so naturally I chose birds as my topic. Being raised in South Louisiana, the first artist I went to look for was John James Audubon. His paintings are amazing, but I think I have found another painter love...

Charley Harper!

How have I not known about his work until now?! 20 years without his work?! He was so great! I would have loved to see one of his personal exhibitions, but he died in 2007. *tears*

To the left is his version of Darwin's Finches. I like how they all have the same basic outline, but very different details.

This bad boy is a warbler. Isn't he pretty? The lines are nice, simple and crisp. I also really like the light blue background, with little wisps of tree details.

This print reminds me of winter, but a nice winter, not a brutally cold one that makes me want to wear ALL of my clothes at one time. I like what Charley did with the tree trunk here.

OWWWLLSSSS! I love owls, so of course I like this one a lot. Hoot, hoot. This guy is really simple, and seems calm. The simple design, blue colors and night scene adds to that. I also rather enjoy the little bitty farm scene at the very bottom. Very quaint.

This one is so great. It has a whole bunch of birds, colors and great patterns.

Charley did a ton of other work, but I just wanted to share the birds with you today. Aren't they great? Oh, you don't really like them? Well ok, but don't talk about it to my face. I might accidentally hit you, or slip and kick you in the shin.

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