03 February 2010

Depriving Myself

Today I realized something.

Okay, two somethings, one being slightly more significant than the other.
Let's talk about the less significant first:
Today, I discovered that I know a lot more about art than I thought I did. This is excellent, seeing as I have been thinking seriously about teaching art.

But in all seriousityness,
I may be spending too much time "plugged into" things.
That's right, I admit it.

In Cultural Geography, we talked about folk and popular cultures today. Folk cultures sounded so nice, in contrast to popular cultures. Here, let me nerd out for a moment and share my notes on qualities found in both types of cultures!

  • Mostly rural communities
  • Agriculture-based
  • Low Tech
  • Isolated communities
  • Unique cultural landscapes
  • Sports- leisure activities, not paid jobs
  • less environmental impacts
  • Examples: Amish (US), Maasai (E. Africa), and Bedouins (Arabian Peninsula)
  • Urban communities
  • Industrialized
  • High Tech
  • Globalization: food (McDonald's, Starbuck's, etc.) and clothing (Levi Jeans)
  • "Placelessness"
  • significant environmental impact
I find myself being a folk-minded person stuck right smack in the middle of a pop culture world. Living in the city is fun, don't get me wrong, but sometimes a girl needs to get away from things, and there isn't really anywhere to go.

My professor also brought up the topic of placelessness and cultural uniqueness. Austin is a very unique place, but it is also exactly like all the other big cities in the world. What makes it so different/unique? This led me to the thought of what makes me so different/unique? I'm just like all the other (almost) 20 year olds- going to school and trying to figure things out. Is that what we are supposed to do? What do the kids my age in a folk culture do? While I'm sitting in a blue plastic chair contemplating the complexities of life, do I have an alter ego in Africa thinking about the same things? Or do they feel more fulfilled in their lives, so they don't really think about all of that?

I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing right now, but it's just so boring. Do people go to college to get their hopes and dreams sucked out of them? That would make it a lot easier to endure a cubicle job.

This afternoon, while doing my usual webernetting, I was reading Nat the Fat Rat, one of my favorite blogs. Today, she wrote about "Snacho Hour". The youth church group she works with was asked to "unplug" for a week to see what they were missing out on. No Facebook, email, etc. This caught my attention. What am I missing out on while I'm stalking people on Facebook or while I'm blogging my life away on here? Okay, the blogging isn't to blame so much as Facebook is to blame.

I think I should deprive myself of my computer usage for a week. Just to see what happens.
In the words of one of my high schools coaches, Coach McDaniel, "Yes yes yes." One should also have a troublesome look on their face and stroke their invisibeard while saying this.

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  1. I wish you much luck in this crazy endeavor. I'm dying to hear how it goes once you plug back in.

    I went a weekend unplugged and almost went bonkers. I NEED my Google Reader and Hulu something fierce.