02 February 2010

Poor Bubba

Once upon a time, Americans thought they were the most wonderful people in all the land. They were a world power, their land had plenty of high fructose corn syrup for everyone, and there was a car for every boy and every girl. Unfortunately, the Americans did not know that other countries were laughing at them behind their backs. Why were the other countries laughing at them? Because the other countries thought that America was made of idiots.

The other night while watching the evening news, I witnessed why other countries think Americans are stupid. It is those people off of the street that are interviewed for news stories. Journalists must go out and pick the most uneducated person they can possibly find. Every once in a while, they get an interview with a well- educated person, who knows what they are talking about. But more often than not, Bubba is on the news talking about what happened at the 7-Eleven.

Come on, television news journalists. Come. On. Give America a break.

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