23 February 2010



You could study the site where the Native Americans ran buffalo off cliffs.

How do you like me now? (in rock star voice)

Down comforter? YES.

Socrates, can you not be so weird?

I can count to purple backwards.

What is virtue and what do bees have to do with it?

I'm a human, raised by humans.

Today's great feat of human ability was brought to you by an entire can of cashews. And apple juice.

I haven't had soda in almost a week.

You straight trippin', boo.

Go meat!

Where is the other earring? Oh yeah, I put it on the dog.

Honey, I don't know how to tell you this, but there's a Chinese family in our bathroom.

I would run you my toothbrush, but my Mom doesn't know where my bobbin is.


Art contest? Ok!

Twilight is porn for girls. Good point, but why did you read it?

Why don't we get goosebumps on our faces?

Stupid groundhog.

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