31 March 2010

Albatross Birds

One of the first jobs humans were given was to name and take care of the animals on Earth. The animals got their names, but are they taken care of? Animals might have been well taken care of way back when, but today animal abuse is a big problem.
The Albatross bird is a victim on indirect abuse. These birds live in the Pacific Ocean area. They can cover vast amounts of ocean in one day, eat mostly fish, and really keep to themselves. Fishermen would probably be the only humans they would have the opportunity to come into contact with.

Unfortunately, there is also a giant island of trash floating around in the Pacific Ocean, right where the birds and other animals live. It's made up of all sorts of stuff that floats. For some reason, the birds think that some of this trash is edible. For several years now, the Albatross has been trying to eat little plastic odd and ends. Their bodies cannot digest the plastic or "pass" it, so the trash just stays in them. This is very harmful, because first of all, the chemicals in the plastic leak into their bodies, causing harm
to reproductive organs. The plastic items also fill up their little bird stomachs, leaving no room for actual food.
Chris Jordan, a photographer, has been following these birds for several years now. All of these pictures are from him and he has a ton more. These poor birds really make me sad. This breed is fairly isolated from humans, but we are still a huge influence on their lives.

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