03 March 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year! (Besides Christmas)


In effort to fully show my love of springtime, I just spent 15 minutes looking for an "I love springtime" graphic on google images. True story. The rest of the internet hates springtime apparently, because I couldn't find anything to share with you. Sorry, holmes.

Thankfully, there are other ways to illustrate my spring love. Like pictures!
barton springs pool in the rain
Sometimes in springtime, it rains in Austin. "Whaat?!" you may say, but yes, dear reader, it does happen. And when it does, I'm sure to have my camera with me. This scene was captured at Barton Springs. I find myself here quite often in the spring/summer. There are puppies as far as the eye can see! Sadly, the puppy in my life never accompanies me. He hates water.

Springtime Beezus is one of my favorite Beezasaurus varieties. When it starts to warm up he gets more walks, and thus he gets more hippity hoppity. Hippity hoppity pups are the best! The velvet ears start flailing. The tail with the tassel waggles uncontrollably. The speckles even start wiggling around. CUTE.
Springtime in Austin is also great because the wildflowers start blooming. Thank you Lady Bird Johnson! She started the program that planted thousands of miles of wildflowers along Texas highways and interstates. My favorites are the sunflowers. They are everywhere. In some parts, there are entire fields of them. The nice mower guys even work around them when mowing. I think the wildflowers make everyone a little bit happier on their commute to work. How could you not feel a little cheerier and thankful to be alive when there are tons of little happy faces looking up at you?
And aren't picnics great? You and a great group of friends gathered together by questionable meat? Yes!
I don't really have a small paragraph to go with this picture, but aren't they cute?
Sometimes during springtime volleyball games, I am known to have awesome volleyball formations like this one. Are you impressed? Because you should be. It takes a lot of flailing and not knowing how to properly play volleyball to get to this point. Look at the claw like form of my right hand. And the slightly kicked back right leg. Also, please note how the ball is behind my hand. Oh yes.

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