04 March 2010


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Julie. She had a love for art and all things crafty. Her crafty tendencies were nurtured from a young age by a crafty Mom, art books and the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. She drew things, painted things and even sewed things. All things crafty became very dear to her.
Fast forward to present day, and I still love art and creating things. A few months ago, I had this brilliant idea in my archaeology class to make a notebook. You see, I only use printer paper that has been used on one side. My Mom gave me a whole bunch of one- sided paper during Christmas break and my environmental science professor even gave me some. Needless to say, I had a ton of paper. I had so much that all of it wouldn't fit into my "printer paper" file folder in my file drawer. So I got started on this notebook. I made it some little covers out of empty cereal boxes, painting and decorating to cover up the printed on graphics. Then, I scanned a piece of notebook paper and printed that onto some one-side printer paper. (I can't write in a straight line on my own.) I took a lot of pride in my work while doing this and did a pretty good job on this notebook.
Monday, I took the littlest notebook to Office Depot to have the covers laminated and to have it bound. Monday was the day for it to become a true notebook. A haven for my drawings and my writings. A home for all of the things in my mind that make no sense. I walked it in, told the young man named Paris exactly what I wanted done, and left it there to become a real notebook. Later that afternoon, I picked the littlest notebook up. I eagerly waited in line. When it was my turn, I stepped up to the counter and told Mr. Paris what I was there for. He reached under the counter and pulled out the littlest notebook. It looked too cute as a real notebook.
But then I noticed a few things. The cover was not laminated. The binding job was awful. But then, I opened it up. The paper was in upside down and backwards. Upside down and backwards. After all of my hard work, Paris did not pay attention to my directions!! UGH. I understand that the covers were too thick to laminate. But why did he decide to leave half of a millimeter between the edge of the cover and the coil it was bound with? Why didn't he look at the directions of how to position the paper?!?! I pointed these things out and Mr. Paris offered to take the coil out and put more holes in my dear notebook. I did not want more holes in it.
This experience made me mad at men for a while (a while meaning a day or so). As soon as I become mad at a certain group of people, it always seems like God says, "Hey, they are not illustrative of that entire group." There are a wide range of men and not all of them are fantastic to deal with.
The very next day, I was reminded of this when I got Ranger Danger's oil changed. Mechanics aren't always the nicest people in the world, but I managed to find a really nice group of them at my local Jiffy Lube. They were super nice, didn't push any extra products on me, and vacuumed out Ranger Danger really well. They even opened every door I went through for me as I was leaving- how nice! Oh yeah, and they changed RD's oil in a timely manner.
I was also reminded that I have a really nice boyfriend, who is always nice to me. He probably wouldn't have messed up my notebook.
Today, I went to my favorite shoe repair shop, so that I might get extra holes punched in my belts. Sometimes I buy belts larger than they need be, because they are the last ones and I really like the design. I'm a sucker for good design. Anyways, I went to see Abraham the shoe repair guy. He is always so nice! Sisterfriend and I went to him with a broken sandal of sister's last spring. And I think he truly enjoys his job. That always warms my heart. I told him what I needed, expecting to leave the beltages with him, but he said he could do them right then and there! Right then! And there! This was great, because he's really busy. A lot of people seem to enjoy his work. So, he so kindly punched holes in my belts for me, and did a fantastically neat job. I asked him how much and he said, "Nothing, I'll get you on someone else's tab." Haha! After making sure this was ok, I thanked him repeatedly and went on my way.
I guess all men aren't so bad.

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