23 March 2010

Out of Control

Like many things in our world today, Facebook is getting out of control. The number of Facebookers does not bother me at all, it is the Facebookers themselves that bother me. The things some of my friends post really surprise me.
First, the kissing pictures migrated over from Myspace. Those pictures are tolerable, only because I think people should be able to show affection in front of other people. I have never and will never put that type of picture up, because I think that is a private moment between two people and should be kept so.
Apparently kissing leads to babies, because next thing I know people are posting pictures of their newly born offspring. Newly born meaning "naked as a jaybird", "juicy" or "right out of the oven". I understand that birth is the miracle of life, but I would rather see the little miracle after it has been cleaned up and verified to be a human. One day, this child is going to be talking to his/her Auntie Julie, and she will tell him/her about these "fresh out of the oven" pictures. The child will then become embarrassed and never look Auntie Julie in the eyes again. Facebook friends, do you want that to happen? DO YOU?
More recently, as in just 10 minutes ago, someone posted pictures of their child's rash. Why does the Facebook community need to see a rash? Why do we need to see an entire album of rash snaps? I know I could just not look at them, but they're still there...

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