23 April 2010

Because I'm Amazing?

My dear mother will tell you that growing up I always had boys chasing me. That is a lie. Boys did not start chasing me until... never. Even without them chasing me, I managed to go on a few dates. Just a few, because I tend to shut down boys if not impressed after the first date. A friend was just telling me about a date she went on and how awkward it was. I have tons of awkward dating experiences! Yay, let's share!
Ok, first date. Man oh man. I truly understand why a lot of parents don't let their kids date before they can drive. This date involved going to the Longview Putt Putt with the boy... and his Mom... and his best friend! Hahaha. That was so great. If I were a parent, I probably wouldn't want to be there on my son/daughter's first date. Isn't it an unwritten law that parents shalt not converse with the datee too much, and definitely not putt putt on their offspring's first date?
Fast forward to a few years later, and I was sitting at my "male interest's" soccer game. His family was really into soccer. It was in their Irish blood. This particular game was against the arch nemesis- type team. Male interest's dad yelled at the ref the entire game. He yelled so much that the ref called a time- out and told the dad to shut up. Towards the end of the game, after many suspicious calls for the other team, male interest was really mad. So mad that while he was playing, and knew the ref wasn't looking, kicked a boy on the other team in the nads. We had to leave the game immediately after it was over. Isn't that family charming?!
This one time in high school, I went on a date with a guy who was a big senior. I didn't like him very much, but didn't want to hurt his feelings. One time as I was trying to escape his company, he wanted a goodnight kiss. I shut the door in his face. YES! Pretty sure he got the message after that.
By my senior year of high school I was really ready to be out of high school. Who isn't by then? The boys were just plain silly by then. For example, boy who was in my art class senior year. Somehow, I ended up in a freshman art class with a bunch of sophomores. How do I get in these situations? Anyway, there was this Hispanic boy in there who must have had a thing for me. Usher's song "Love in This Club" came out that year and Hispanic boy sang that song to me almost every day. "Gotta do it for the ladies, and I gotta keep it hood." I guess he was just keeping it hood?
Me oh my.

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