26 April 2010


This semester is the semester that just will not quit. But it's almost over! Yay! The only reason it has been so taxing is because of one class. One. Class.
Introduction to Philosophy
10-10:50 am
Building 4000
I hated that class so much that I withdrew from it. Withdrew I tell you! Take that professor who talked about porn all the time! For serious. He would talk about porn at least once every class period. I guess there wasn't much to talk about in the philosophy realm, because he truly didn't talk about it very much?
Mainly I didn't care for that class very much because everything I read turned my brain to mush. Did not understand it at all. Ok, maybe a few things, but not all of the material. I can't help but wonder, was it me or philosophy teacher? Would I have performed better with a different teacher?
I will never know because I refuse to take another philosophy course. Some other subject will have to capture my thoughts for a humanities course requirement. Introduction to Philosophy, 10-10:50 am, MWF has forever tainted the subject, and I shall never return!
Very dramatic, I know. If I wasn't so dramatic would you four people even read this? Oh it's just you reading Mom? Hey!

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