28 April 2010


This week is apparently bakeware and dinnerware week! So, since I will probably be moving into my own apartment soon, my Mom and I have been getting apartment goods together. She has a set of old dishes from the 70s that I love. It a set by the name of "Dewdrops" by Lenox. Being the clumsy Morrisons that we are, several of the cereal bowls have fallen to their ultimate death. Not even gorilla glue could save them! The HORROR! I think there are three bowls left. My Mom looked for a few replacement bowls, but reported back to me that the going price for one bowl was $40. I was all, "Here let me look for them, because I'm a super shopper." What a naive Julie. I searched high, and I searched low. Then searched some more. Sure enough those bowls are $40 a piece! Why?! This line was produced for more than 10 years, are they really that rare? Maybe I'll happen upon some at a Thrift store. Or happen upon someone else's Mom who has some and I'll just "borrow" some. If you have these dishes, you better watch it.

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