21 May 2010

Abode de Hulia

At the end of this summer, the Morrison Sister Dream Team will be parting ways. Sort of. Em is moving to San Antonio and I'm moving to South Austin. Such a bummer that we can't stay in the same city.
The fun part of this is that I get to have my very own apartment! For the very first time! So lately I have been gathering things. The pieces can't be called furniture yet, because they aren't ready to be furniture. They really need some love. For now, they shall be referred to as prohectos, or "projects" to any non- Spanglish speakers.

This summer should be pretty fun. One, I'm not taking summer school. And two, I have tons of projects for the new apartment. Boy do I love a good project.
First, Em and I will tackle this love seat I found at Goodwill. Its shape was just great, but the fabric was not so great. There are several rips in the fabric, so I was able to check out the inside construction of the couch and see what condition the cushions were in. I also found 2 pens, a birthday card and 2 business cards in it. Sweet!
Love seat will probably be covered in a dark brown twill fabric. For now, at least.

The same day as the love seat was found, I found this coffee table. Mom has almost this exact one, and I've always coveted hers. Mom, aren't you glad I found this one so you didn't have to come home to a coffee table-less living room? Thought so. This one has been loved on quite like Mom's. It needs a little refinishing on the top, which I am more than happy to do for it.

While avoiding homework the other day, I found this bench on Craig's List. Is that not a cute little bench?! The only reason I drove all the way down town to get it was because it is so cute. And it was $10. Who passes up a really cute $10 bench? Not this Morrison. It will be the last project, because I can't decide if it should be painted or not. Such a complicated life.

What would you upholster the love seat with?
Would you paint the bench?
What color?
What should I be when I grow up?


  1. Great Finds Julie!!

    I would paint the bench a bold pop of color. Perhaps a peacock blue? I heart that color.

  2. Yay for fixing up 2nd hand furniture! It's way fun to make it your own. :) My favorite is your bench find!

  3. i def like the brown for the sofa.
    and dark red or teal or plum(i can't decide on what color for certain) paint for the bench, but that really mostly depends on what color your other stuff is...
    aaaand... you should own a little shop of home made clothing, and various other handicrafts, with a little studio over it, for me.
    <3 guess who?