15 May 2010


Today was a good day. Or "grood" as Teen Girl Squad would say. Would you care to know why?


That's right. Renegade Craft Fair came to the ATX. It was faaaantastic. Everyone really brought their A- game. Don't worry, I'll be sure to post my craft fair breakdown. It was that good.

#2: Chuy's
Chuy's is a big deal in Austin. Bucept, last time I went I was not impressed by it all. But today was the best day ever, so when boyfriend wanted to head there for lunch, I leapt to the possibility of greatness. Let me just tell you, I must have been on crack last time I was there, or I didn't enjoy my company, because boy were those tacos good. No great, they were great. All of the food served at Chuy's is organic or free range. Yay!

#3: HEB flowers
Pretty + reasonably priced + flowers = fresh flowers for the apartment

#4: Snapfish Mistake
I just love Snapfish. Their products are always high quality and I'm always pleased. But sometimes they worry me. For Christmas I made my Grandparents a hard backed book of my family's snapshots from the past year. I only ordered one (1), but they sent me two (2) photo books. They only charged me for one and I declared it a Festivus miracle. The other day I ordered a batch of prints, then headed over to Retail Me Not to hunt down a coupon code. That is when I became enamored by a "free Mother's Day photo flip book" coupon code. FREE. So of course I copied the code and went and made myself a 5"x7" free photo flip book. Two (2) of them came in the mail today. You ask did I get charged for only one (1)? You are correct in that.

#5: Cherry Cream Cheese Pie
My new birthday pie dish is so cute I have to make a pie every week. Last week: Key Lime. This week: Cherry Cream Cheese (da triple c).

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