04 May 2010

The bestest class of them all

Introduction to Archaeology. Snoozefest or most interesting class ever?

Most interesting class ever! The subject matter may not be super interesting all of the time, but the people in the class. Oh the people in that class! They are fantastic. For the last three class meetings, we've been presenting archaeological sites we had to research for a project. This is where the personalities could really be seen. Greatness! Now let's dissect the people!

#1- Angel
Angel never disappoints. On the first day of class, the professor went through the roster and called out everyone's name. She calls out Angel's first and last name, which happen to be quite masculine. (Like William or John or something.) He raises his hand and says, "Professor, I actually like to go by my middle name, Angel." I'm really curious as to why he wants to go by that middle name of his. He seems to be a really great student. He always asks the best questions and always sounds like he knows what he's talking about. How nice that must be! But Angel, we need to talk about your wardrobe. Sir, some of your pants are a little... tight. For serious. Maybe just go up a size? Just one?

#2- Jasmine
Jasmine is awesome. Awesome.com. On the first day of class, the professor also asked each of us to introduce ourselves and say what our majors were. Jasmine said, "Art. Just art." That isn't what makes her awesome though. The second day of class, the professor was calling the roll, and just as she starts to say "Jasmine", Jasmine busts up in the classroom. Perfect timing! This was about four months ago and I'm still thoroughly amused with her timing.

#3- Dr.Pintar
She is probably the most interesting professor I have had. She is teeny and we have the same haircut. Her accent is the best! She is from Argentina, where she grew up and did her undergraduate studies. In the 80s, she moved to Oklahoma to work on her master's degree, and finally made it to Tejas to study for her PhD. How strange would it be to move from beautiful South America to *gulp* Oklahoma? That truly shows her dedication to her work and to bettering herself. She didn't know very much English when she moved to the US, but speaks it beautifully now. I'm just so impressed to see a really well- educated woman in such a male saturated field. Dr. Pintar, you are good.

I'm going to miss this class. Not just the people, but also the dead people we learn about.

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