26 May 2010

How To: Birthday Banner

Want to wish someone a happy birthday in a symphony of cotton calico prints? Here's an idea!

Cotton scraps
An afternoon
Fusible Interfacing
Lightweight batting (totally optional)
Ribbon/ strip of fabric
Spray adhesive

1. Procure for yourself a pile of cotton scraps. Make sure there are 15 different fabrics.

2. Cut 15 rectangles. Mine were about 4"x8". Iron them out nice and pretty.

3. Now dig in your scraps and find a nice sized piece of a solid material and some fusible interfacing. To save fabric and time, fuse the entire piece of interfacing to the solid material. My piece of fabric/interfacing ended up being 14"x 23". Once your interfaced fabric has cooled off, flip it over to the interface side (white side).

I printed out "Happy Birthday" in my favorite font, with the letters about 4" tall. Letter stencils would also be great for this. After the letters were cut out, I flipped them over and traced around them. If you trace them with the right side up, they will be backwards when you cut them out.

4. Carefully cut the letters out.

5. Stand back for a moment to admire your cute letters.

6. Spray the back of the letters with spray adhesive.

7. Stick one on each of the 15 rectangles. Now, you may be wondering, "Julie, why are there 15 rectangles when "Happy Birthday" only has 13 letters?" Well, 15 allows for a space between happy and birthday and for an exclamation point. (!!!!!) You may have more rectangles for more excitement.

8. After letters have been applied to the fabric rectangles, applique those guys on!

9. Pause to love on pup

10. When all of the letters are appliqued on, it is time to assemble. I put a lightweight batting in mine for more body. With wrong sides together, sew around the right, left and bottom sides. Leave to top open for flipping.

11. Mom says to clip your corners and clip 'em good!

12. Flip all of the rectangles. Poke the corners out with the tip of your scissors. Be careful to not poke holes in the corners, just poke the corners until they look like corners.

13. Pin each rectangle to your ribbon. My ribbon is a giant strip of leftover fabric. It's from bridesmaid's dresses! Each rectangle is spaced 1.5" apart.

14. After they are pinned down, sew the rectangles down and iron. Since my ribbon was actually fabric, I ironed the side opposite of the rectangle side so that it had a nice edge. After ironing the rectangles down and making a nice edge, match the two edges up and sew a seam along the edge. I folded to edges of my ribbon fabric to make triangles, because I love a good triangle.

15. Hang the banner up and wish someone a happy birthday!

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