27 May 2010

Confession #13

Is sewing a career choice? I think it should be, simply because I like it so much. Can I just sew? Por favor? Should I have an Etsy shop? Oy vey.


  1. Wish I learned how to REALLY sew from my Grammy (she was a seamstress)---it's a great trade to have! You're lucky to have this skill! Think you can definitely make some dough out of it! When I need alterations on anything it costs me more than the clothing item did sometimes (if I got it at forever 21, lol)

    Go for it! Etsy, at-home seamstress, dress maker, designer...endless opportunities!

  2. of COURSE you should! you're great at sewing. might as well do what you love and see if you can earn some monies from it, too.