02 May 2010

Da Werkendz

I like weekends. They are nice. This was my first weekend in several months that didn't involve any wedding activities for anyone! No party for nobody! Yusss. So I jam packed it with all kinds of good.
On Frizday, I had class and then I was free! Class wasn't really that bad. It was art and art isn't too bad. Monkey Fest 2010 is going on in the Morrison sisters household. There were sock monkey onesie materials everywhere on Friday. By that evening, I had 23 of them finished. 23! That's a lot of monkey.
Now, Saturday was a crazy day. There was much that I wanted to do, and only one Saturday to do it in! I awoke
from my slumber at 8:30 in the am. 8:30! Normally on Saturdays, if I have a choice, I will sleep until noon or even later. So me getting up at 8:30 on my own is a big deal, y'all! The big deal was a craft fair. Aren't craft fairs so wonderful? Some of the booths leave me awe-struck, then some of them... don't. I was none to pleased when the Mary Kay lady assaulted me with hypo-allergenic face washes and serums. This girl a Cetaphil girl, anyway.
There was this one booth that was fantastic. "Linda's Baskets" was the name of the booth. Em and I walked by and there the owner was weaving baskets. Being fascinated by fellow crafters, we had to stop and talk to her. She grew up somewhere in the South, where people would sit out on their porches and weave baskets. Naturally, she picked up on this craft. Her baskets were beautiful! She was selling them really cheaply, too. Em and I are also really nosey, so we asked her where she was moving. She paused and said, "Kuwait." We were all "Whhhhyyyy?!" Turns out she was a reading specialist, and she was moving over there to help start up a school. How neat is that?! I like talking to random people. As long as they aren't coming at me with a bottle of something..
The main reason we went to the fair was to visit the Lizziebees booth! Great friend who makes great puppy and cat collars. For seriously, Beezus has two of them and they are still in one piece.
After the craft fair I was supposed to big up a GSP Rescue pup for a puppy fair, but then Em and I got lost in Georgetown. How? I'm not sure. You take one wrong turn and end up in the country. When I finally did get back to Austin, I picked up Josh and the GSP rescue pup. Somehow all three of us fit into Ranger Danger. This is surprising, because that dog was huge. His name was Hank and he had to have bloodhound or something else in him. Huge!
The puppy fair was a grand event, just as I expected. I mean Hank was there, come on. But another breed was also there. A breed I have begun to fawn over whenever I see them. Greyhounds. Yes, the greyhound rescue was there. A couple of them and their foster dad walked by the GSP booth and he let me pet them. I think I melted a little bit. Their kind eyes made eye contact with mine. Their slightly curled waggle tails uncoiled for some wagging. As I loved on them they sat on my feet. Oh, they were just precious! I may have told one of them that I loved her. But whatever.
I also picked up a pup at the fair to overnight for the rescue I'm involved with. She was a sweet little girl, but she was in really bad shape. And also was not housebroken. My poor little apartment.
On Sunday morning my bed forces were strong, so I went to the evening service at church. It was a lot different than I thought it would be! I'm not too crazy about the church's pastor, but in the evening service he doesn't have his "superstar" persona on. He talks like a real person, and even jokes around a little bit! Sweet! I did not get the message about the evening service being for the 60 year olds and older. Ok, it isn't really just for them, but Josh and I were the youngest people there. No lie. (but I kind of enjoyed it.)
The message was about David, so we were reading from 1 Samuel. My Bible is the New American Standard version, and some of its translations are funny. To me at least. For example, in the part of the story of David and Goliath where David is about to kill Goliath, my Bible says, " ... and I will strike you down and remove your head from you." Is that not a funny way of phrasing that?
And so it was the end of the weekend and boyfriend brought me to P. Terry's burger stand for a delicious veggie burg. All was good in the world. Then, I went home and cleaned my carpet numerous times. Amen.

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  1. That lady was making baskets the whole day!!! It was insane. Thanks for coming to visit us.