19 May 2010

Little Girls and Ponies

On Tuesdays and Thursdays of this past semester of school, I picked up some little girls from their horse back riding lessons. Last week, while waiting for them, I heard:

"Angel, stop moving. God!"
"Stop it!"
"When I want you to stand still you won't, but when I want you to go, you stand still!"

The little girls and their ponies are so funny. Sometimes the girls don't realize the ponies are, well, ponies. The ponies probably are not going to stand still the whole time you are working with them. Situations like this always remind me to be patient with others. People are people, and definitely not going to do what I want them to do every time. Being patient around the little ones is important, because it sets a good example for them. Some of the kids I work with don't have very patient parents, and they pick things up from them. This little girl picked up saying "God!" from her Mom. I try really hard not to fuss at cars cutting me off when I drive them home.

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