09 May 2010


My Mom is cool. She and my Dad are really nice and let me live in Austin (Mecca). In honor of Mother's Day, let's explore her past.
Mom was born on the 27th of January (I'm not sure if she wants me sharing the year) in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is a bummer which will forever haunt her, because she is a hardcore Texan. She always says, "I got to Texas as soon as I could." Her childhood was spent in the Piney Woods of East Texas. She was my Grandparent's first child and their only girl.
Mom has always been an over- achiever, but look who her parents are. (We'll talk about them later.) (Or you can look to this post.) In elementary school, she was a champion spelling bee-er. In high school she was an all around cutie, yearbook editor, and won a Betty Crocker award. She and Granny both graduated from Hallsville High School as their class salutatorian. Throughout these years she was heavily involved with the going- ons at the First Baptist Church of Hallsville.
For college, she headed to Stephen F. Austin University, where she majored in Family and Consumer Sciences/ Home Economics/ They can't decide on a name. After she completed her bachelor's degree, she taught her first year of school in Dublin, Texas. Dublin is the home of Dr. Pepper! When she finished up there, she taught at Robinson High School. At this point she was still really young and blended in with the kids.
Now enter my Dad. They met at church. (Such a grand place to meet people.) Dad wad quite the charmer. He would take Mom on a date... to the laboratory. Why didn't I just type lab? Because the word laboratory is fun to say in my head. And I'm proud that I can spell it correctly. Anyway, Dad was a graduate biology student, so the lab visits weren't so unusual. They would look at hair and stuff under the microscopes. NERDS. Then they got married and all was good.
After they were married, the happy couple lived in Waco, Texas for a while. This is where my older brother, Andy, comes into the picture. Then, my Dad got a job in Maine, so they moved there for a bit. I usually hear things like Maine being cold and Maine not having beans or Mexican food when they talk about living there. Emily, my older sister, was born in Maine, but then Dad got a nice job in Mississippi. So, they packed everything up again to move to Mississippi.
Mississippi is where the fun started. While Dad worked at the local nuke plant, Mom was a mom of all trades. Homemaker, costume designer, cook, gardener, chauffeur, interior decorator, and all things navy enthusiast. I came into the picture when the family had been in Mississippi for a while. All of us kept Mom pretty busy. When I was five, four of us moved to Zachary, Louisiana and Andy went off to college. Mom was a substitute teacher and got to be a real teacher for like a year, until the school system switched from state run to an independent district. Em graduated high school after a while, and went to college in northern Louisiana.
When Dad wanted to start doing nuke plant work on a contract basis, Mom wanted to move back to East Texas. So we did. We moved right into my Great Grandmother's house and fixed that sucker up. Mom, Dad, and I worked on that house for three months and did a pretty nice job. We love a good project. The first year we were there, Mom just substitute taught at my high school and finished up the house. The next year she got a real Home Ec. teaching job, but at a joke of a high school.
On top of her less than desired teaching situation, Mom was diagnosed with Leukemia that fall. Way to start off a new school year and job! Thank the heavens that she had one of the most curable forms of cancer. That was a tough semester. Mom just powered right through all of her treatments, and wasn't fussy at all. Her faith was probably the reason she was so kind spirited about all of it. She knew she would be taken care of. After all of her treatments were finished up, she came home for Christmas. She came with a bald head, but we were just glad that she was with us. When the new year rolled around, she jumped right back into work. Mom is still working at that school. Some of the kids sound horrible, but the good kids sound really great. She's also met some fantastic friends there and some people that just needed some help from her.
Today in her spare time she enjoys reading things not involved with school, decorating according to the Better Homes and Gardens bible, finding good things at the Dollar General, talking me through things on the phone, cuddling grandbabies, and drinking lots of tea.
This is her 32nd Mother's Day! I think she turned out some pretty good kids. Thanks for birthing and putting up with us, Mom!

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