18 May 2010

Renegade Craft Fair

So, if you missed the Renegade Craft Fair, you are probably going to want to die after you read this post. Don't say I didn't warn you! It was such a great craft fair. There really weren't any booths that left me asking myself, "Why would anyone make that?" Here are a few vendors that I really enjoyed. Now for pictures so that my sister will be jealous! And I'm in a list mood. So they are in list form..

1. Laura Berger!
Her work is too cute. There was quite a range in her work method- wise. The piece to the left, "Tiny Village", is gouache on wood. Gouache! On wood! I bought a print of this one because, for reals y'all, this is fun. Laura was even selling her work herself, so I got
to meet her. It's always great to meet the artist and ask them about their work. She is based in Chicago, and this craft fair was her first opportunity to come to Austin.

2. Product Superior
This company is owned by a super- smart couple. Really! Both of them have fine art Master's degrees. Consisting of thank you cards, letterhead, among other paper products, their work is fine.
The print to the left is called "All Around Town NYC: Rooftops and Watertowers" and I had to get it. You should see the print job on this one. It's crisp, rich and nicely designed. Much like I like my men. I like their work even more after reading the company's bio: "She believes that baking and cupcake icing take precedence over politics or finance and most importantly words like “buttons” should be spelled out in buttons if at all possible."

3. Moxiedoll
Cross-stitch made cool? Here's some great cross-stitching! Moxiedoll designs include typewriters, scooters, polaroid cameras, etc. They're really well executed too. I really enjoy that each piece is sold in its hoop. It's like pre-framed art! Score!

4.The Heated
The Heated originally started out as a one woman band by Christina Espinosa. When she needed merchandise she set out to learn screen printing and turned out to be really good at it! Trying new things is fun! Now she makes music and cute cup towels like the one to the left. Don't worry, she doesn't sell only cup towels. There are other items. Calm down!

5. Paste T- Shirts
Based in Broolyn, New York, this quirky line of tees is a purely American deal. Jason Laurits designs
each of them himself, and is pretty good at coming up with off the wall ideas. Very entertaining. Each of the shirts is made in California and hand silk screened in New York. The line has quite the following and is now sold all over the world. And Josh and I got to meet the designer! He was really nice.

6. Magnolia Photo Booth Co.
Two words: So. Fun. The booth comes to an event with a suitcase of props to use. The prints that come out are surprisingly really nice. The colors are just fantastic. I talked to one of the guys who works with the company and he was hilarious, as most of the company is sure to be.

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