03 May 2010

Sneezy McSneezesneeze

Once upon a time, there was a littlest girl the townspeople called Julie. She spent most of her childhood playing outside. Riding her stick horse around and around the house. Painting the fence with a paint brush and water. Feeding Sam the neighbor's cat pine needles and Cheetos. This is how her childhood was spent.
Then one day, she began to sneeze. What oh what could be happening?! Allergies. That's what happened. Quickly her outdoor playtime became limited. She thought it silly to run around with a pack of tissues strapped to her. And run back to the house just to blow her nose? Ridiculous.
Just as the littlest Julie went to chop off her nose, her dearest parental unit bought her some drugs. Oh what a wonderful thing drugs are! With this magical Zyrtec liquid, she could run and jump and not sneeze herself into next week.
For the past month or so, I have been going without my allergy medicine. This has made me realize how thankful I am that there are medicines to help with the little problems too. It also makes me wonder why there isn't a cure for allergies. There are such large leaps and bounds in other fields, why not allergies? Maybe I'll just eat some local honey. Natural remedies are always good!

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