10 May 2010


I like to have things completed way in advance. Pack a week before leaving. Have school projects done a few days in advance. Wake up 20 minutes before I need to be up. Wait, no, the waking up part is not me. The having schoolwork done early is definitely me. But just for once, I wanted to have the stay-up-really-late-finishing-the-project-the-night-before-it's-due experience. So that is what I did tonight and is why I am still up at 2am. But really, I am not cut out for this.
When it gets to be this late, I get a little loopy. My body says, "Hola! Let's go to sleep!" On the other hand, my mind says, "Bonjour, let's put a new ink cartridge in!" And that's how it starts.

The randoms.

They come when they want and do what they want.
They want to listen to all of your James Blunt albums.
They want to clean your air vents.
They want to sort all of your picture files.
They want to hem that dress.
They. want. granola.

It is best to let them be and do what they want. Because let's face it- those air vents did need cleaning.

Fact: Julie should not be up past 10pm.

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  1. Hahah.....your blog is SO cute and witty!! Love it! Your sense of humor reminds me of my younger sister =)

    Best Regards,

    -Laury @The Fitness Riot