03 June 2010


Church Under the Bridge is one of my very favorite Hyde Park Missions. Every Sunday an Austin- area church prepares food to serve after the service. Hyde Park serves food every fifth Sunday. Sometimes it's hard to see people in the situation they are in, but it is really a blessing to be able to do this for them. It's also really neat meeting people that seem to have a stronger Faith than I do, when they have so little and I've been given so much.

This is Louisa (on the right) and her friend whose name I didn't catch. I see Louisa every time I get to do CUB, so I imagine she comes every Sunday. This past Sunday I finally got to talk to her. My camera was with me, and that seemed to break the ice with a lot of people. She wanted me to take pictures of her and her friends. Louisa also told me all about her life. I think she might have some mental issues, but she was super sweet. She lives in an apartment all by herself, and I even got to meet some of her neighbors! Apparently, she has three sons. The two older ones live with her mother. She said she wasn't allowed to care for them. The youngest one died when he was little. Not sure what age she meant, but from what I gathered he was five or so. She was really friendly and I hope to see her next time.

This guy is usually there too. He found some teeth somewhere, and proceeded to walk them around during the service.

The Ray Family really heads up this project for Hyde Park, and they are great at it. All three of them have a huge heart for the homeless. They are great to learn from. This is Jamie talking to Scooter and his Dad.

My favorite part! The lady on the right and her husband make TONS of cookies and hand them out a CUB. I'm not sure, but they might do this every Sunday. This past Sunday, her husband was sick, so she brought a friend. I should really learn their names...

A lot of the CUB attendees have pups! This is Taz following his Dad. Both of them live in a tent in one of the greenbelts in Austin. I didn't catch this guy's name, but talking to him made me wonder why he was homeless. He was very well- spoken and nice. He found Taz and two other pups from the same litter abandoned in some storm drain. All of the pups were sick and their eyes weren't even opened. He nursed them back to health, gave the other two away, and kept Taz! Taz follows him around everywhere. So fun.

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